About Us

Our Mission

Core purpose

At Lotusia, we aim to provide our clients with a convenient and personalized one-stop service.
We are committed to build a sustainable growth environment for our key stakeholders.

Operational Efficiency

To measure the proportion of costs incurred during an economic or financial activity

Financial Reliability

To deliver reliable financial statements and annual reports to investors and creditors

Wealth Management

To maintain an excellent internal control system to safeguard the assets of clients

Our Identity

We have multiple years of experience working with a multitude of international public accounting firms, multinational companies and publicly listed companies.
We deliver value-added services to our clients by offering them a personalised and hands-on service.

Who we are

Our Values

Core values

With utmost integrity and sincerity, we provide a full range of professional services so that you can create a plan for your overall financial welfare.

We provide external and internal audits, tax, liquidation, forensic investigations, consulting, accounting, payroll, company setup, and corporate secretarial services for local and international customers.

Values that make us unique

Our vision


Lotusia takes responsibility for our actions and strives to meet our clients’ expectations. We take pride in our professionalism, reliability, and integrity. As a company, we uphold ethics and aim to deliver our promises with quality, swiftness and precision.


Our goal is to meet and exceed our customers' expectations, as well as to prioritise their needs.


As an organisation, we are honest and transparent, we build relationships based on trust and honesty with our customers


Our team of professionals possess the precise knowledge needed, and we conduct our methods according to the best standards and practices