Services Pricelist

Price list is updated as of 1 Jan 2022

Company Incorporation
ServicesScope of ArrangementsFees
Company Registration
(1-3 working days)
Background check, government registration fee of $315, company business profile, Articles of Association, initial general meeting of shareholders, beneficiary declaration, procurement of company sealSGD 800
Legal Secretary (immediate)Drafting company documents, administration, holding shareholder meetingsSGD 720/year
Company Address Registration (immediate)Company address, mail reception serviceSGD 368/year
Opening of Bank Account (Approximately 1 month)Scheduling appointments with bank representatives, assist directors in preparing documents, arranging remote video conferencesSGD 1000
(Bank collection)
Total SGD 2888
Nominee Director Services
Statutory Director Fees* Act as a legal person of the company, does not participate in the company's operation, holds no shares, does not pay dividends, cooperates with the signing of legal documents of the company, and bears part of legal responsibilitiesSGD 5000/year
(Hold shares in lieu)
SGD 3000/year
Annual Filing Services
Annual Enterprise Review*Unaudited financial statements
Proxy declaration of estimated taxable income
Proxy declaration of estimated taxable corporate income
Annual general meeting
SGD 2400/year
Corporate Services
Trademark RegistrationGovernment registration and filingSGD 1000
Pre-approved trademarks per classSGD 240
Non-preapproved trademarks per classSGD 341
Original division markSGD 500
Trademark modification*From SGD 500
License ApplicationBusiness License Application*
(Food, medical, import/export, liquor license, etc.)
From SGD 3000
Tax ServiceGST (voluntary) applicationSGD 500
GST (mandatory) applicationSGD 1000
Application for Exemption from Registration GSTSGD 1000
Every WITHHOLDING TAX declarationSGD 300
Corporate Services
Tax ServicesECI Estimated Tax ReturnSGD 300
Corporate shareholder personal income tax declarationSGD 500
Document notarization/authentication*Business document embassy certification per copyFrom SGD 300
Accounting*Monthly enterprise billing serviceFrom SGD 2000
Auditing*Corporate auditing servicesFrom SGD 6000
Strike OffCorporate strike off servicesSGD 1000
Operation on behalf of the companyDeclare Central Provident Fund contributions on behalf of employees, provide office welfare activities, secure Singapore minister recommendation letter and a physical office spaceSGD 60,000/year
Personnel Opening Central Provident Fund accountSGD 100
MOM EP online account registrationSGD 100
Corpass registrationSGD 100
Singpass registrationSGD 100
Monthly employee Central Provident Fund contribution declarationSGD 200
Office*Physical office, shared office rentalFrom SGD 800